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Stephan has been working on cars since he purchased his first vehicle when he was just 14 years old. Stephan took the skills he learned in his Texas backyard and turned them into a career in automotive repair. Moving to California in the late 80's Stephan landed a job at an independent Firestone shop in Sacramento and worked there for over 8 years. While employed at Firestone he went to school to "fine tune" his skills.

After working as an auto mechanic for over 20 years, he decided to open his own shop in 2003. Since then Stephan outgrew the two bay shop near Sacramento City College and found a much larger building even closer to Sac. City College. The building was an appliance sales and repair store for many years. After completely reworking the building inside and out it was now transformed into an automotive shop with a very nice waiting room.

Stephan has found technicians that he can trust, and whom also have a passion for working on cars and are as committed on the quality of their work as Stephan. He knows the automotive repair and maintenance has had a bad reputation in the past by shops that do not have the tools, equipment or technicians that can repair the vehicle correctly. At times new parts could be defective. Stephan is very aware of these problems and because of the trust in his technicians, the quality of parts installed he offers a 24 month or 24k mile warranty on any service that they provide. There are not a lot of shops out there that can offer this kind of warranty, not even your vehicle's dealer.


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