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Stephan White

Owner & General Manager

Stephan has been working on cars since he purchased his first vehicle when he was just 14 years old. Stephan took the skills he learned in his Texas backyard and turned them into a career in automotive repair. Moving to California in the late 80's Stephan landed a job at an independent Firestone shop in Sacramento and worked there for over 8 years. While employed at Firestone he went to school to "fine tune" his skills.

After working as an auto mechanic for over 20 years, he decided to open his own shop in 2002. Since then Stephan outgrew the two bay shop near Sacramento City College and found a much larger building even closer to Sac. City College. 

Stephan's daily driver is a '01 Audi S4. Second up is his '90 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia.

Melissa Miller

General Office Manager

Melissa has been an invaluable part of our team for over 4 years handling all aspects of the office including accounting and HR duties. Melissa knows every aspect of SAH. Chances are you may be talking to Melissa first when you call in. 

Melissa daily driver is a '15 BMW 535i.

Scotty Campbell

Service Advisor

New to the scene but not to the industry. Scotty is our Service Advisor. He has worked at several VW shops in the past and know's what makes them tick. He is a very friendly person who can assist any of your automotive needs. When you call in Scotty usually will be on the other end of the line. 

Scotty's daily driver is a '02 VW GTI 1.8T.

Jeremy Fiske

1.8T Wiring and Install Specialist. If you dream it Jeremy can design it.

Jeremy is our 1.8T engine conversion wiring specialist. He has designed, updated and perfected our 1.8T wiring harness with many upgrades since he took control of that department. Jeremy also has helped design our Auxiliary battery system as well as other electrical components. He is a master at figuring out the impossible to always looking outside the box. He has helped perfect our Vintage Air Condition system installed on VW Vanagons. There is nothing that Jeremy can't figure out.

Jeremy's daily driver is a '99 Audi A6 Quattro, '84 VW Vanagon, '94 Scion Xb.

Tyler Burke

VW & Vanagon Technician

Tyler is our VW Vanagon line tech. A Journeyman technician there isn't any job on a VW or Vanagon that Tyler can not do. From Axles to Yokes Tyler knows it all. We are lucky to have his cheerful attitude every day around us. Tyler lives and breaths VW's. When not working on them you can catch enjoying the VW community at shows. 

Tylers daily driver is a '05 VW GTI! Several project VW's in the works all the time! 

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